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By BeertownNZ Mon, 20 Nov 2017 Auckland

Good George Brewing - Central Auckland - Auckland

Things are going so well for Good George Brewing in Auckland that we’re now looking for somebody to help manage our rapidly growing customer base and spread the Good George beer love. So why are Aucklander's so keen on Good George?  Maybe it’s because our beer is delicious, or because of all the awards we’ve won, or because unlike our brewing, we don’t take ourselves too seriously... we are not quite sure.

If this job was in our home town of Hamilton we’d call the position “A Sales Job” or ‘Beer Seller”,  but we’ve heard Aucklander’s prefer flash titles like “Business Development Sales Representative” so we have met halfway and called it a “Sales Representative”.

We can’t think of a fancy way of saying this next part so we’ll go with simple instead: we don’t work with %$&heads. So if you’re an energetic self-starter with a decent sense of humour who doesn’t like %$&heads either, you’ll probably fit in just fine.

As you’ve no doubt gathered, we do things differently at Good George Brewing. We own some bars and restaurants that serve Good beer and great food, we do beer collaborations with other Waikato brands. We’ve dabbled in alternative brews like fruit sours and barrel aging and we also do a pretty sharp IPA by all accounts. We’ve innovated with our Tankbeer project and developed a unique 946ml Squealer bottle that’s like nothing else out in the market. We’re also open to new ways of doing things – in fact if you worked for us for a couple of months and didn’t have a few fresh ideas we’d be pretty seriously worried.

If you get the 'Beer Seller' job, you’ll be the face of our brewery in managing a territory of Off-Premise customers from the Bombays north and everywhere in between. You’ll provide an outstanding level of service to your customers, working with them on their fresh beer orders, selling in new product ranges, merchandising and managing sell through, activating promotions and work hard to grow both their businesses and ours.

You’ll need to have a proven ability to identify new opportunities within existing customers, and be comfortable with cold-calling potential new customers.  We’re looking for somebody with experience in the FMCG and/or liquor industry, and the right level of passion and attitude. We have a generous package to offer the right person.

So if you think you have what it takes, polish up your C.V and send us your application and we will give you a call.

Applications close 10th December, so hop to it.

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By BeertownNZ Mon, 20 Nov 2017 Auckland