Brewery profile – Vulcan Brewers, Christchurch

By BeertownNZ Thu, 28 Apr 2016 Canterbury

Vulcan Brewers is an enigma.

According to Jules van Cruysen’s Brewed, Vulcan is a vehicle for getting home brewers into commercial brewing. Vulcan’s website says its vegan, and not much else. The Facebook page says its Raspberry Porter is pouring – now we’re getting somewhere!

Vulcan is Christchurch coffee roaster Sam Miller’s beer project.

“The Brewed story was the idea at the time, to give home brewers the opportunity to release commercial batches. But in the end everybody went off and started their own brand so the business model changed. It was always the plan to be a vegan brewery. There’s vegan beer out there but it’s not advertised, so there’s definitely a market for people to know what’s actually in the products.”

And it turns out being a vegan brewery is pretty simple. The only animal-based element is the fining agent, and while Sam has experimented with a vegan-friendly agent called Biofine, now he simply avoids finings.

Sam is another veteran of Christchurch Home Brew Club, “but I haven’t had much time for home brewing for a while. I work full-time as a coffee roaster. The two roles go hand in hand – the proof is in the cup with coffee, and it’s the same with beer.”

Vulcan is brewed at Stainless Steel Brewing, inside the Pomeroy’s compound on the CBD fringe. “I’ve launched six different beers over eight batches, doing 1200L each time. As a contract brewer it’s always tricky finding a brewer who knows about their system, that’s why I’ve stayed using the same brew kit – they definitely know what they’re doing.”

Sam says Vulcan’s Raspberry Porter is out now. “It’s tasting amazing and the raspberry flavour is really full on. The base porter was made to be quite sweet with a high final gravity, because I was expecting that berry tartness to come through, and it all just balances out quite nice. It’s just beautiful off the hand pull!”

Vulcan beers are available on tap at craft beer bars around Christchurch, and at Punky Brewster Craft Beer Fillery.

By BeertownNZ Thu, 28 Apr 2016 Canterbury