Brew News 6 April 2016

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Wellington beer importer and bar owner Dominic Kelly accused the Police of entrapment last week. The Hashigo Zake and Beer Without Borders owner was referring to Controlled Purchase Operations – stings designed to catch bars serving under-aged drinkers.

“Controlled Purchase Operation is a very reasonable sounding term for a very seedy practice…We simply don’t know if an offence against the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act would have occurred if the police hadn’t made it happen. Which is exactly why entrapment is such an appalling practice.”

Read Dominic’s editorial in full here.


Chur Brewing Australia launches

Chur is the latest expansion from the expansive Andrew Childs of Behemoth Brewing. Chur looks an awful lot like Behemoth, and has even appropriated Behemoth’s Churly bunyip mascot. But it’s not a trademark breach – quite the opposite. Andrew reluctantly chose not to use ‘Behemoth’ in Australia following what he describes as “some trademark issues in Australia (which we think are a bit shit)”.

The dispute was with an Australian craft brewer which is not called Behemoth but which makes a beer that includes Behemoth in its name. Beertown.NZ will have an interview with Andrew on Chur Brewing Australia and other stuff soon.


Homebrew Conference planning its future

New Zealand’s first national home brewing conference was held in Nelson on March 18-20.

Organiser Mike Stringer, of League of Brewers home brew shop, rates the Conference as a success and is planning for the next one. “Being the first time we ran the conference, we wanted to make sure we had a decent experience for everyone, rather than push up the numbers. So we were very happy with the 180 brewers we had. 

“We’re fortunate with the profile of New Zealand hops around the world, and there is a good reputation overseas for our craft brewing scene. We drew up a list of potential speakers and very quickly we found that the only people who weren’t coming were those who had other commitments. So we’ve already got a list of people of equal calibre who are interested if we do it again.”

Mike and his fellow conspirators are now looking at Conference feedback before deciding if, when and where they’ll do it all again.

Check out Basic Brewing's video here.


11,000 turn out for Great Kiwi Beer Festival

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival was held at Hagley Park, Christchurch, last Saturday in cool and wet conditions. Organisers said 35 breweries provided 200 beers and ciders to 11,000 punters, and said exhibitors were happy with their sales at the event. The outdoor festival will be held earlier in the year in 2017, hoping for better weather, with organisers saying they were forced to schedule an autumn date this year due to other events at Hagley Park.


Cryer Malt Trade Hub

You don’t learn to run a successful brewery by standing around chatting. So the Good Beer Week chat will be supported by the Cryer Malt Trade Hub, with trade sessions and industry events to give starting brewers the advice, support and contacts you need to start a commercial brewery. Learn more here.


Beervana 2016

OK, so it’s not until 12-13 August, but running our biggest and oldest beer festival takes planning. Beervana’s info packs for brewers and exhibitors are available now. Email Beth Brash This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get yours.

By BeertownNZ Wed, 06 Apr 2016 National