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By BeertownNZ Thu, 21 Apr 2016 National

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Intellectual property clashes have been in the craft beer news over the past few weeks. First New Zealand’s Behemoth was prevented from trading in Australia until it changed its name. An Australian craft brewer had produced a beer called Behemoth and objected. So Behemoth is Chur in Australia – see the Behemoth/Chur story here.

Then this week Australian craft brewers Young Henrys released Pils ‘N’ Thrills pilsner. This is a clear and blatant tribute to either Garage Project’s Pils ‘n’ Thrills pilsner, or to an excellent Happy Mondays album. But probably not to the album.

And NZHops ‘Brooklyn’ hop variety has been renamed as ’06.05-22-02’. Beertown.NZ predicts this name will be replaced by something catchier that is completely unrelated to any craft brewers from Brooklyn, New York.


By George, it’s a long weekend

St George, patron saint of Boy Scouts, syphilis and England, has a birthday this year and Hamilton’s Good George is celebrating. The Good George St George’s Day Party In the Former St George’s Church is on this Sunday. Bands, beer, book ahead.


Dale’s comes to visit

Nelson’s Dale’s Brewing is celebrating two New World Beer & Cider competition medals and some austere new branding with a visit to your backyard. Dale’s Bar in Your Backyard competition is being run now through Facebook and Instagram – post a picture with medallists American Amber or Dopplebock, go into the draw. Terms and conditions apply, but none mention having getting the bar up several flights of stairs, or the need to provide a backyard, so go for your life apartment dwellers and Wellingtonians!


Make mine a triple, Thomson!

Auckland’s Thomson Whisky scored three gold medals at the 2016 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco. The medals were awarded to South Island Peat, Manuka Smoke and Two Tone Release. “Respecting the natural process is paramount and we’re lucky to have quality local ingredients such as 100% New Zealand grown malted barley which gives the whisky a progressive, modern twist,” says Thomson’s head distiller Mathew Thomson. Thomson Whisky is based in Riverhead and uses only New Zealand ingredients, including Gladfield Malts. “We’re very proud!” says Gladfield’s Gabi Michael.


By BeertownNZ Thu, 21 Apr 2016 National