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By BeertownNZ Thu, 05 May 2016 National

What good fights were the keyboard warriors fighting last month?

From Drinker to Brewer

Reigning Beer Writer of the Year Jono Galuszka told Beertown.NZ he was too busy to keep up the beer writing. Hah – he was wrong! Jono launched a new blog last month, with two posts. 

Getting back on the horse with Pilsner? Pale Ale? Yeah? Right. Jono looked at the use of ‘house yeasts’ by brewers, and questioned whether it’s the yeast or the brewing tecniques that most influence the resulting beer. “Lager uses lager yeast, while ale uses ale yeast. That is how it works, right?” It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…And I Feel Fine talks to Epic’s Luke Nicholas about the on-going success of his Armageddon IPA and his hopes for the World Beer Cup. “It’s a 1-in-500 chance.”


The Ciderologist

Ciderologist Gabe Cook has left New Zealand to return to the UK. “Although I suspected it before, my time in NZ has confirmed that my skills definitely lie in advocating this wonderful drink and heritage, rather than commercial production.”

But on his way out, Gabe leaves us his top ten “in no particular order” list of favourite local ciders. “I was not in a position to find ‘the best’, as NZ cider is too young to know what the best is. The 10 ciders I have selected are a great testament to the passion and skill of cider makers in New Zealand. With these custodians at the fore, the future of NZ cider is certainly an exciting one. I look forward to seeing NZ cider continue to blossom and hopefully I’ll be able to participate in the conversation from afar.”


The Beer Diary

Blogger and bar keep Phil Cook kept a busy Beer Diary last month, with three different blog posts and a podcast with Dave Wood (President of SOBA) and Denise Garland (Flotsoba). 

In We Are Drug Dealers, Phil talks about the need to check customers’ age and the different reactions it triggers. He also offers legal advice on entrapment, some of which was unappreciated in the comments. In Reinheitgetbot’s Last Birthday Phil explains why the 500th anniversary of the ‘Bavarian Purity Law’ is bunkum. And in Beer & Gender – A Guide For Marketers, Phil looks at some dumb ads from New World last month, and completely understates his pivotal role in getting the unfortunate ad campaign pulled.


The Bottleneck

Blogger and bar keep Dylan Jauslin works with Phil Cook – and to think the rest of New Zealand thinks the Wellington craft beer scene is incestuous! Last month Dylan offered a handy guide to What Your Beer Choice Says About You. This is an excellent guide to analysing drinkers’ personality types. I hope it catches on and the first thing you’re asked in a job interview is, “Would you like a beer?”

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By BeertownNZ Thu, 05 May 2016 National