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By BeertownNZ Thu, 12 May 2016 National

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The Road to Beervana starts now!

Road to Beervana is a week-long series of events over 7-14 August coinciding, you guessed it, with Beervana. Road to Beervana organisers are now seeking suggestions from venues, brewers, retailers and others for events for the week – think tastings, pop-up bars, bands, fun things, and be original.

“While Wellington is naturally the central hub for Road to Beervana, this year we’re not restricting events to take place within the bounds of our wee city. Beervana is a national beer event, and so is Road to Beervana. Beer loving businesses in other major cities are encouraged to feature events in their home-town to celebrate the lead up to New Zealand’s premier beer event.”

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World 287, NZ nil

New Zealand entrants failed to medal at the 2016 World Beer Cup. Recognised as the toughest beer competition in the world, 6596 beers were judged, and 287 medals were awarded – a 4.4% success rate. At most, one gold, silver and bronze is awarded in each of 96 categories – and judges don’t have to award any medal if it’s not deserved. This year’s WBC’s entries were up 39% on the last WBC in 2014. The most competitive category this year was American-style IPA with 275 entries, followed by Imperial IPA (181) and American-style pale ale (167). Get the full list of results here.


Emporium beats the odds

Emporium Brewing owner Paul Finney predicted the future* when he put down 5000-1 English IPA a few weeks back. The Leicester native brewed the beer in time to celebrate his home city’s win in the English Premier League – although the highly unfavoured Foxes were still to complete their steep climb to the top. Shame he didn't put a bet on at the same time. Like his team, the beer is made from “ingredients that are not normally stars, like Brown malt, NZ Willamette hops, Southern Cross hops and NZ Liberty hops, but they will all come together in one glorious crescendo to toast the boys home!” Available from Sunday evening at Twisted Hop, 616 Ferry Rd, Christchurch.

*”If all else failed we would have called it Commiseration ale”


By BeertownNZ Thu, 12 May 2016 National