By BeertownNZ Wed, 01 Jul 2015 Wellington

Beer Without Borders boss Dominic Kelly says the Fourth of July shipment is so fresh it nearly didn’t make it on time

That fresh West Coast IPA you’ll be enjoying on the Fourth of July didn’t get here by accident.

BWB is has unloaded its latest USA shipment and is now shipping to 4 July beer events around the country. “We checked the bottle dates and some of the beer was bottled five weeks before it arrived here. We estimated it must have been bottled three or four days before it was put in our container.”

“That beer is in a refrigerated environment from the time it is packaged at the brewery until it leaves our warehouse. The Brewers Association in the States says product ages four times faster at ambient temperature than it does when it’s cold. One of our suppliers recorded the temperature inside a (unrefrigerated) container during a trip. When it was on a ship in the tropics it would fluctuated from 25 to 35, but when it’s on a wharf it got up to 50C and didn’t cool down at night. We want beer to get here in the best possible condition.”

Dominic says this year’s highlight will be Speakeasy Blind Tiger Imperial IPA (9%). “They have yet to be persuaded to use single use kegs so we had to organise stainless steel kegs to San Francisco and ship them back.” After all that back and forth, Speakeasy Blind Tiger Imperial IPA will be on tap in eight bars around Aotearoa. Speakeasy says, Easily the hoppiest beer we’ve ever brewed. Clocking in at over 9% ABV, Blind Tiger explodes with flavors of freshly cut melon, citrus peel, and ripe passionfruit. We encourage you to grab this beer while its fresh.

The fresh challenge isn’t over when the reefer container hits New Zealand. “We were told it was going to take them two weeks to get to us and it would be here on the third of July. So we stomped our feet and sent emails and escalated it and it got here in one week. It’s only on the water for about 12 days. It can be faster to ship between LA and Auckland than to get it from Auckland to Wellington.”

If you enjoy fresh, hoppy US beers, then make the most of this Fourth of July. With the New Zealand dollar dropping, next year’s session could give your wallet a nasty hangover.

Look out for Blind Tiger and other fresh West Coast imports at your local Fourth of July event. Beer Without Borders is part of the Hashigo Zake kieretsu and the HZ Fourth of July party kicks off at high noon. Say hi!

By BeertownNZ Wed, 01 Jul 2015 Wellington