Beertown.NZ’s first collaboration brew is in the tank

By BeertownNZ Mon, 21 Nov 2016 Wellington

It was the brewery with no water.

So here we were, up bright and early on a Sunday morning, all set to make us some beer. Then the water was cut off. 

Yesterday morning I went to Wellington’s Black Dog Brewery to make some beer. Black Dog brewer Dale Cooper and I had tossed around some ideas and come up with a recipe for a Pacific-influenced pale ale.

The grain was milled, we were good to go, but the mash tun was unusually slow to fill. Then a repair crew set up outside and told us our water was about to be cut off, maybe for two hours. Black Dog had scheduled a double brew day, so time was tight.

We talked over our options and decided to take a chance. Once we had mashed-in we had an hour or so before we would need more water, so we crossed our fingers and started to make some beer.

And we got lucky. The water was back on within an hour, admittedly with some unusual and unpredictable variations in flow and pressure through the day. I successfully completed my key responsibility of staying out of the way – my role is more godfather rather than parent, but I’ll be a proud godfather. Look out for Hukarere (‘Snow’) Pasifikale around Christmas time.

Dale’s been brewing and winning awards at Black Dog for a few years now, and his newest brewing venture – Graphic Brewing – will be launched this Thursday evening at Little Beer Quarter. Graphic is Dale Cooper and Nolen Smith. They are currently contract brewing, with their first batch put down at Kapiti’s North End Brewing. That first brew, Origin Story American pale ale, will be released on Thursday. 

By BeertownNZ Mon, 21 Nov 2016 Wellington